Best of Instagram | Bonus: OTE Portable Sparkling Water Machine

【Hermetic Seal Design-More Sufficient Bubbles】The OTE soda machine for home adopts with integrated gas-tight design, effectively reduced gas leakage while injection, and with over 20kpa pressure relief, the gas solubility is higher than average level in the market, generating more sufficient bubbles. You can feel the bubbles right fizzing all around your mouth!
【99.99% Purity CO2 Without Addtion】 Say No to Carbonated beverage full with sugar and sodium(Na). Contained with 99.99% purity food-grade CO2,OTE seltzer water maker faciliate your healthier life, come and creat a fresh and low-calorie sparkling drinks for your refreshment!
【Enjoy Fresh Sparking Water Anywhere】 OTE sparkling water machine, with its 450ML capacity and weight of 0.5KG, is designed for you to carry conveniently and enjoy sparkling water anytime anywhere. Insert the 8g mini gas cartridge,with one twist,you can make your own a fresh fizzy water immediately.
【Easy To Use Without Power Supply】 No power source needed, only 3 Steps to make sparkling beverage. 1. Fill 2. Inset 3.Twist . Equipped with double pressure relief valve, the OTE water carbonator will automatically releases the pressure and inject the gas without manual pressure. Easy to operate for even kids within 1 minute.
【Eco-friendly & Double-layer PET Material】 OTE carbonated water machine originally designed as double-layer pressure resistant PET material bottle, is explosion-proof and crash-proof that can withstand the pressure of 18Mpa ~ 20MPa.It can be used repeatedly for over 3000 times,entitles you an eco-friendly lfestyle for evading plastic bottle waste.