Dr Gilmore Treatment | Bonus: Medical Coding

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Rita Says: To be fair I believe you give a very realistic view of this career. Those saying you sound negative seem to be romanticizing the idea of just becoming a medical coder and not having a realistic view. So when you come at them with “this is how its gonna be” you’re kinda bringing them back down to earth and outta their heads which some types of people really don’t like. You come off as very intelligent and informative. Thank you for the information. Now I know this isn’t the job for me, which I’m happy to know before I drop the money on the schooling. Also your hair is gorgeous I’m a little jealous to be honest. 😁

Barb Says: Okay I quite possibly may be nuts, at times I would agree. But I have decided to become a medical coder. I’ve started attending an online class from AAPC. I have found this course cross eyed difficult and at times screaming “what?” The weird part is I like it! I work 8 hrs a night, have just moved into a new house that I share with 2 cats and a special needs dog. The part that most find the real surprising part, I’m over 70 years of age. This stuff makes me fell young by challenging me. Wish me luck cause I’m going to try and pass the test by the end of the year. 2020 has stolen so much from so many but I’m going to make it a positive year for me!

A clinical coder—also known as clinical coding officer, diagnostic coder, medical coder, or nosologist—is a health information professional whose main duties are to analyse clinical statements and assign standard codes using a classification system. The data produced are an integral part of health information management, and are used by local and national governments, private healthcare organizations and international agencies for various purposes, including medical and health services research, epidemiological studies, health resource allocation, case mix management, public health programming, medical billing, and public education.