Dr. Lee’s Record Pop | Grow THIN Hair into THICK Hair

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Nutrients you need to support hair growth: 1. Iron Great sources: • Red meat (a few times a week) • Eggs • Cheese  2. Zinc  Great sources: • Shellfish • Red meat (a few times a week) 3. Omega-3 fatty acids Great sources: • Salmon • Cod liver oil  4. Vitamin D Great sources: • The sun  • A high-quality supplement  5. Selenium  Great source: • Brazil nuts (1 Brazil nut a day) 6. Biotin  7. Folate  Great source: • Dark leafy greens  8. Vitamin C Great sources: • Sauerkraut  • Cabbage • Berries  • Bell peppers • Vegetables  • A high-quality natural supplement  9. Protein Great sources: • High-quality grass-fed meats  • Eggs  Tips for growing thick hair: • Consume sea kelp  • Don’t over-wash your hair • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with clean ingredients, essential oils, and needed fats  • Get a water filter for your shower that filters out fluoride and chlorine  • Use non-toxic dye if you color your hair  • Lower your stress  • Stop smoking