How I Changed My Body A Lot In 6 Months (what I did differently)

The biggest misconception about me is that because this is now my job, that this lifestyle is easy for me. That I’ve always been like this. That I just loved fitness. That couldn’t be further from the truth…

So let me re-introduce myself. ❤️

In 2015 I hit rock bottom.

In the middle of my mom’s battle with cancer, we lost my first born nephew. 5 months later I was giving my mother’s eulogy. In the most difficult time of my life, I also left a toxic relationship, quit my executive job in entertainment, had to give up my home, with no money and 40k in debt, 25 lbs heavier and in a deep depression.

This was not how my life was supposed to end up.

But I knew this wasn’t it for me. And that the only way out was me.

7 years ago I started this journey because I promised myself that I would not let these hardships define me.

So I got to work. For the first time in my life, I knew I had to put me first.

Did I know what I was doing? 100% not. Growing up in the midwest, health was not a topic of conversation.

But I knew I had to just start.

It did not come easy for me. Every day I pulled myself off the floor and fought to be better.

I got up every day and moved and learned to respect my body. Because none of this mattered if I didn’t have my health.

I fought to confront my negative thoughts.

I found women who inspired me to keep going and to keep growing.

Were there days I wanted to give up? ALL the time. And some days, I failed completely. But I keep going. And I never let it break me.

Every day, I became stronger.

It took years of hard work. Of resilience. Of being honest with myself.

Since then, I started to find my joy again. And most importantly, I found myself again.

I started my own company. I found my purpose. And have helped changed hundreds of women’s lives.

If I can get through all of this and come out on the other side, healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been, I promise you, so can you.