Jim Nduruchi Present Amos | Diabetes and Heart Disease Among Minority Populations

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A large body of literature has come together to form a vision of a different future for cardiovascular risk in the U.S. Ongoing shifts in population demographics, combined with growing, well-established health disparities have changed the dynamics of population-level cardiovascular risk in the U.S. In the next 35 years, it is predicted that non-Hispanic whites will no longer comprise the majority of the U.S. population, due to increased numbers of Hispanics and Asians [1]. There are well-established disparities in cardiovascular health outcomes between minority and non-minority group across the U.S. Understanding varied risk factor profiles, and how to treat a changing population, are critical to achieving continued improvements in care. Such efforts will be key to eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health – and essential to improving population-level cardiovascular care. For researchers and clinicians undertaking such improvements in care, this review may help to focus efforts on areas in which disparities in risk are greatest or most urgent. Additionally, this review may provide policymakers with an entry point for investigating more impactful approaches to addressing population-level disparities through better informed policy and funding decisions.

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