Loan Nguyen #316 | More about Fixing Rhomboid Pain

Rhomboid muscle pain can also cause pain in the mid-upper back, at the backs of the shoulders, or between the spine and the shoulder blade. It can also be felt in the region above the shoulder blade.

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What causes rhomboid muscle pain?

You may develop rhomboid muscle pain as a result of:

  • poor or incorrect posture
  • sitting for extended periods
  • injuries from straining, overstretching, or tearing the muscles
  • sleeping on your side

Overuse of the rhomboid muscle can lead to pain in the shoulders and arms. Sports such as tennis, golf, and rowing can cause pain in this area. Activities and work that require you to extend your arms over the head for a long time, carrying heavy bags and backpacks, and lifting heavy objects can also cause this type of pain.

You may consider applying essential oils diluted in a carrier oil to reduce pain and inflammation. Here are 18 essential oils that may help relieve sore muscles.

After a few days of icing your shoulder, you may wish to apply heat. You can use a heating pad or a warm compress. Apply the heat source for 20 minutes at a time several times per day. You can alternate between hot and cold therapy.

If you’ve taken steps to relieve rhomboid muscle pain and you’re not seeing improvement, you may benefit from seeing a physical therapist or a physiotherapist. They can teach you exercises to improve your shoulder pain and prevent it from recurring.