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Back in the day, they had to look at newspapers and rely on word-of-mouth to find job offers. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, there are multiple sites and apps to help you find nursing job offers in your area! Job search engines are an easy and quick way to scout your area of interest to see what kind of nursing jobs are available.

Glassdoor and Indeed are two common job search engines where you can find nursing jobs pretty easily. My personal favorite is Glassdoor as it offers great information about the companies including employee reviews, interview information, benefits, and salary insights. However, it seems as though Indeed and Glassdoor share much of the same info regardless. Personally, I recommend using both sites while searching for prospective jobs.

Search your desired job role “Registered Nurse”, “Nurse”, or “Nurse Practitioner”, and input your desired location. There are filters you can set up to narrow down your search including salary, distance radius, etc. However, I recommend NOT using the salary filter as Glassdoor’s salary estimator isn’t always accurate. You can favorite or save jobs which you are interested in.