Loan Nguyen | Bonus: Sleep Number Beds

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Let’s get down to the basics, #SleepNumberbeds or #smartbeds as they’re often called, are adjustable air beds. They have air chambers (one or two depending on #bed size) that inflate or deflate, making the bed firmer or plusher. This firmness is attached to a scale from 0 to 100 and whatever firmness level feels best is a person’s designated Sleep Number. People control their Sleep Number with Sleep IQ Technology that is built into nearly every Sleep Number bed. #SleepIQTechnology can be viewed through a person’s smartphone that wirelessly syncs to the technology inside the bed – it’s wild! There are a lot of Sleep Number bed models, and most of them fall under the Sleep Number 360 smart bed collection. They’re broken up into 5 series: Classic, Performance, Innovation, Memory Foam, and Value Beds. Each collection focuses on a premium feature, like cooling or pressure relief and the actual mattress layers vary between model numbers, like the c2 or the p5 or i8 to name a few.