When to start working out?

How to start exercising when you’re unfit

Frustrated with not being able to lose weight, build muscle or feel good in your body? Lately, everyone keeps asking me: “Did you lose weight?” How?

You know I will always be transparent with you. ⬇️

Yes, my body did change. I did lose fat. But I also got stronger and built more muscle ( yup – you CAN do both at the same time). 💪🏻

How? This is exactly how I transformed my own body the past couple months:

🔹Switched back to my own personal workout programming that’s more efficient and less stressful on my body ( + testing the new program for Strong in 30 challenge!)💪🏻

🔹Tweaked the timing of my nutrition and meals to feel more clear headed and energized. ✨

🔹Focused less on calories and more on getting the nutrients I needed for energy and muscle growth. 🥗

🔹Significantly decreased my intake of alcohol. 🍷

🔹Gave myself permission to rest more and be more compassionate with myself. ❤️

After doing this for so many years, I can honestly say, this routine + training system has been the ONLY one to get me the results I wanted WITHOUT killing myself in the gym, constantly feeling inflamed or bloated, giving up the foods I love or getting caught up in the mental shame of not doing everything I thought I “should” be doing.

Not only did it help me lose 15 pounds and gain more strength but it’s given me the body I FEEL the most comfortable, strong and FREE in! ❤️💪🏻

And gf, we’re only just getting started! 🦸🏻‍♀️✨

I’ll be sharing everything I did in more detail during the @strongbysierra Strong in 30 challenge so you can finally look and feel your best too 🙌🏻💃🏻