UCLA rheumatologist,Geraldine Navarro, MD, discusses the symptoms and diagnosis of osteoarthritis and explores treatment options, including lifestyle modifications.

What to know about Osteoarthritis

Primary osteoarthritis. Considered “wear and tear” osteoarthritis, this type of osteoarthritis is more commonly diagnosed. Here’s what experts know about primary osteoarthritis:

  • People tend to develop this type of osteoarthritis around age 55 or 60, says Yusuf Yazici, MD, a rheumatologist at New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York.
  • It’s associated with aging — the longer you use the joints, the more likely you are to have this form of osteoarthritis.
  • Experts say that if we live long enough, we’ll all get this type of osteoarthritis to some extent, whether it’s very mild or more severe.