Thinergy Review by Watson

Good medical morning! This is Watson. I’ve been doing some editing for the channel and I was surprised to discover a product called Thinergy. I’m really into vitamins and supplements for sports, so I tried a 30 day supply for myself, and I am going to review it today.

It is called Thinergy because it helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and giving you a boost of energy. Makes sense.

I am going to give you a quick rundown of the major ingredients and then tell you about my experience with Thinergy this past week.

I intentionally avoided others’ reviews because I wanted to approach this with an open mind.

1) Green Tea Extract – Everyone calls Green tea the healthiest beverage on the planet, and this gives you all the nutrients and antioxidants of green tea without having to drink a gallon every day. Fat loss, increased brain function, lower risk of cancer and a boost to your energy levels. Seems pretty good so far.

2) Raspberry Keytones – This popular supplement is used to help break down fat easier. It also increases the levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism. Extracting Keytones is an expensive process. It takes 90 pounds of raspberries to create a single serving. I like raspberries, but I would rather take Thinergy.

3) Kola nut – The extract helps promote digestion. It may also increase circulation and get your heart pumping more efficently. Its health benefits include promoting weight loss, disease immunity, preventing prostate cancer, boosting metabolism, alleviating gastric troubles, curing bone illness and treating respiratory disease.

4) Glucomannan – According to Medical News Today, the water soluble fiber called Glucomannan helps people who were overweight to reduce their body weight. They also said that it helps keep cholesterol in check, and it helps prevent constipation. If this supplement keeps my cholesterol down and prevents constipation, it is a win-win.

5) L-TYROSINE – Known as a modern marvel of the supplement world, Tyrosine is an amino acid that’s often taken to promote fat loss and exercise performance since it can turn into dopamine and adrenaline. It works quite well for preventing the effects of major acute stress but not so much for chronic stress or fat burning. You know that feeling of energy you get when your adrenaline is pumping? That’s how you feel with the L-tyrosine in Thinergy.

So does it work? Hell yes. I’m already very fit, but taking this in the morning gets my day moving! I also take it as a pre-workout to give me that energy boost that I need.

I’ll make sure to put an Amazon link below. Pick up a bottle and try it for yourself, or pick up a three pack and kick your life into high gear.