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10% OFF CODE: 102R6PAC Link: Deadline: 7/5/2022 23:59 PDT About this item 【High-Precision CO2 Monitor】: The air quality tester built-in advanced Infrared (NDIR) designed to accurately track air quality timely including CO2, temperature & humidity. Fast response, high accuracy, carbon dioxide range 400-5000ppm, temperature range -10℃ ~ 37℃ (14℉ ~ 99℉), humidity range 20 ~ 80 % RH. 【Creative 3 in 1 Alarm Function】: The indoor air CO2 meter designed with an adjustable co2 alarm, buzzer & 3 colors remind, our default setting of the alarm value is 1500 ppm. LCD display green when 400-1000ppm, 1000-1500ppm is displayed as orange, when 1500-5000ppm, red displayed and buzzer sound. It’s time to let the fresher air comes into your space. 【Portable CO2 Detector】: A portable detector the size of a palm. Hanging design makes it easy to carry and can detect the air quality in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, school, car, hotel, travel, campground, etc. the data can indirectly understand the presence of co2 and mold, which will send out an alarm for your health. 【24 Hrs Long Standby & Backlight】: The co2 detector built-in 2400 mAh battery can provide more than 24 hours of standby time when fully charged, in addition to real-time power through the included USB charging cable and battery indicator, this enables long-term monitoring of air quality level. The backlight on/off is suitable for use in different scenarios (screen brightness will affect the length of use). 【Healthy Air & Lifetime Service】: Studies have shown air ventilation is more effective in reducing the transmissibility of any airborne pathogens. A co2 detector can prompt you to open windows for ventilation & increase fresh air to reduce co2 levels within your indoor spaces. ERICKHILL CO2 Monitor provide Lifelong after-sales service and return for a full refund.