Barbie’s Knees | Dr. Gilmore… Bonus: Spine Health

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Although physical activity and exercise generally benefit good health, most of these activities do not specifically work to strengthen and condition the back. For patients who have sustained a neck or back injury, or who regularly feel some degree of pain and discomfort after certain activities, the best approach to improving their back health is a regular course of physical therapy.

The therapist initially works with the patient to strengthen, stretch, and relax the area and relieve any discomfort from injury or overuse as quickly as possible. Then the patient is counseled on how to continue the regimen at home to keep the back in good condition.

Recommended exercises and other physical movements are simple and constructive, typically requiring only a good exercise mat and a few resistance bands. For regular exercisers and the serious athlete, we may advise an additional level of targeted exercise, to protect and strengthen the neck and back for more specific activities.