Dr Gilmore’s Weirdest Pop to Date! Bonus: Anti-Wrinkly

If you keep on top of the cosmetics and beauty industries, or participate in it here and there, you’ll know that one of the most common problems is the fear of looking like Mr Spock after receiving treatment. Particularly, people are mutually concerned that they’ll wind up looking ‘unnatural’ when receiving cosmetic injections or anti-wrinkle treatment. These days, it’s normal for us to hear of people voicing concerns over whether or not they can get rid of their frown lines without ending up with this less-than-desired look. So how do you get cosmetic injections without the Mr Spock feel? Unfortunately, there are still a lot of providers out there that end up giving these results – and there are reasons for it. In this video, we go through all the reasons why you can end up with the Mr Spock look, and how to avoid it if you’re thinking of getting this treatment done.