Is 100 Day Dream Home Fake?

Even if you’re not in the market for a new home, you probably feel a twinge of excitement when you see a beautiful property for sale. That feeling of excitement is exactly what draws people to HGTV. One of the network’s newer shows, 100 Day Dream Home appeals not only to people’s love for real estate, but also their love for home design and renovation projects. Now in its second season, 100 Day Dream Home appears to be a hit among viewers, but there’s only one problem: lots of people don’t believe the show is real. Since HGTV has somewhat of a reputation for producing ‘reality’ shows that aren’t exactly real, people can’t help but wonder if 100 Day Dream Home is one of them. Is 100 Day Dream Home fake? Keep reading to find out.

Can You Really Build A Dream Home In 100 Days?

Apparently, it’s more than possible to build a house in 100 days, and a decent one at that. Additionally, the series has never once failed to meet its deadline. According to an article from the Tampa Bay Times, there was one time when they came pretty close, however.

With that being said, many believe quality could eventually become an issue. As a Reddit user named cwalker2712 pointed out, “So you want to build your dream home and decide to have it built in such a way, that you are almost guaranteed to have problems down the road. Rushing a construction project is never a good idea. Has HGTV learned nothing from the problems that they’re having with Windy City Rehab?” The 100 day time limit may be good for entertainment value, but it might not be so good for the homes and the people who end up living in them. We’ll all have to wait and see to determine whether or not the homes build on the show are really able to stand the team of time.