Rise Up Francis | Which Healthcare Profession is Right for Me?

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In this video, we will discuss how to pick the right healthcare profession for you. We will discuss various healthcare salaries, healthcare work duties, and what form of education is needed to enter a healthcare field. If I missed a healthcare profession you were wondering about, comment below and let me know! Let me know what other healthcare professions would you like me to discuss!? These are the 10 different fields I would have looked into before physical therapy and their required degrees. You can see the salaries for each healthcare profession in the video 1. Respiratory Therapist (Associates Degree) 2. Radiation Therapist (Associates Degree) 3. Dental Hygienist (Associates Degree) 4. RN – Registered Nurse (Bachelors Degree) 5. PA – Physicians Assistant (Masters Degree) 6. Speach Language Pathologist (Masters Degree) 7. Physical Therapist (Doctorate Degree) 8. Occupational Therapist (Masters Degree, but soon to be Doctorate) 9. Optometrist (Doctorate Degree) 10. Pharmacist (Doctorate Degree)