World’s Greatest Medical with Astonishing Baseball Shutout

Astonishing Baseball 2021

Legendary pitcher Diablo Jones threw a complete game shutout, leading the Tampa Bay Trauma to a 34-0 victory over the last place Cleveland Indians.Cleveland has struggled all season with a 14-54 record. The starting lineup, which included Cobra Commander, Craig Ehlo, Mick Foley, and the Blue Hulk, totaled 5 hits and 15 strikeouts.Meanwhile Tampa had 32 hits as 12 home runs. The game MVP was “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka who went 6 for 8 with five home runs. That included 12 RBIsProfessor Hulk, Barbarian, Heather Harmon, Warlord, Marvel’s Ulik also had outstanding games for the Trauma.Poor coaching for Cleveland could also be to blame. Their pitcher Magneto threw for 6 innings and earned 21 runs. It’s a wonder he still has a Jersey.Thanks to the 40,000 fans who showed up tonight. In tomorrow’s game we will see Brock Lesnar get the start with Dr. Strange and Dr. Dre in the bullpen.