STRONG IN 30 challenge

I will never forget Arianne’s story & am so glad to have her back in the STRONG IN 30 challenge!! ✨🎉 Wanna see what’s possible for you? This is what she had to say after her last challenge with our amazing community! ⬇️

“The Finale – and final recap y’all!

I reflected and focused on how this program benefited me and of course my family. Before I started the program, I was weak and felt like I was not good enough, I also don’t have the courage to push further because of the limit I put on myself and all the excuses that goes with it. Now I can say and feel wholeheartedly that possibilities are endless when you start loving yourself. I highlighted a few⤵️

Because of this program:

✔️ I lost 10 lbs.

✔️ my sleep improved 👏

✔️ my food choices def. improved for me and my fam. without feeling deprived (because I love food especially🍫🍫🍫)

✔️I now curve out time to reflect and focus on myself for a few minutes before I face my day

✔️I don’t react to situations right away, but think first how my reaction will affect others

The whole challenge was such a great experience! I know it’s just the beginning of this self-love and healthy lifestyle. Thanks a million your program rocks it’s the whole package for Mind, Body and Soul!! 👏👏👏