Why use extractors? | Why choose medical oncology? Expert perspective

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Dr Charlotte Graham (King’s College London, London, UK), Dr Christy Ralph (Leeds Institute of Cancer Studies & Pathology and St. James’s institue of Oncology, Leeds, UK), Dr Paul Nathan (Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, UK), Prof Peter Selby (St James University Hospital, Leeds, UK), Dr Sophie Papa (Guy’s Hospital, London, UK), Dr Peter Hall (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK) and Dr Ruth Board (Royal Preston Hospital, Preston, UK) spoke with ecancer at the ACP immunotherapy workshop about personal, professional and patient-led experiences that led them to choose specialising in medical oncology.

They share their highlights of working in the field, and offer advice for any junior doctors who are currently considering pursuing oncology.

Choosing an oncologist even from a few names can feel overwhelming. You might feel like you do not know how to choose between the different options during this stressful time. Start by collecting the important pieces of information about each doctor. This can be done by doing research online by typing each doctor’s name into a search engine or by calling their practice’s phone number. Many oncologists offer a biography about their educational background and practical information about their office hours, practice locations, and other details on their cancer center’s or practice’s website.