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I have been taking META SEVEN for the last two years. I have a disease called fibromyalgia. Two of its main symptoms our pain and fatigue.
Since developing this disease I have fought chronic fatigue daily. I tried Meta Seven the first time to see if it would help with the fatigue. It’s seem to work well. When the bottle ran out I didn’t order anymore and that’s when I found out how helpful it really was to me. I want to unbearable fatigue for some days I couldn’t get out of bed and could sleep all day. My life was literally passing me by. So after about a month of going through this I ordered another bottle. I take it daily vitamin that helps. I don’t need naps every day and I don’t have a problem with “Fibro fog”.
I am very thankful that I found Dr. Gilmore’s product. I’m not one to order things online without knowing anything about them but I’m just so happy I took the chance and ordered Meta Seven. Will that work for everyone that has chronic fatigue. I don’t know. Is it a cure, no it’s not but it does make a difference in my life in helping me to have more energy to get through the day and do more of the things that I like to do. For me it has been a blessing.